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Reviews Oct 09, 2019

Using Cloud to host WordPress:

Using a cloud is the best thing i would ever say for hosting a WordPress site as it offers everything we need and we can customize the way you need.

Personally i prefer using digital ocean cloud keeping in mind their awesome user interface and affordability.  

Get 50$ as your digital ocean credit by signing up with this link

It is pretty easy to get started with WordPress too , You can just use this link to install WordPress on a droplet(VPS called droplets here)  .There would be some pretty simple steps to complete the installation.

Managed Hosting :

I have never used managed WordPress Hosting till i got in WPMU DEV'S new managed hosting , they are using digital ocean network to offer their hosting and it is great that  they are offering that such a competitive price.

Pricing WPMU DEV 

It has all the feature's a good hosting has and they are giving out 3 sites Worth 10$  each for all their existing members and who join them now.

Join WPMUDEV now.

And WPMUDEV hosting is exclusive to their members only and they offer brilliant support not only to their plugins but also anything WordPress and you get access to their always busy forums.

I personally use WPMUDEV hosting for lot of customer sites and can say it is

#1  WordPress Hosting Now.

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Yellamaddi Naveen

Naveen is 22 years old , self-taught Wordpress developer , Currently Working as a Wordpress developer at Upwork.